Our Vision : To develop and build a dynamic sporting culture in the country by encouraging parents to promote sports in children right from primary level.

Motto : “Chalo,let’s play”. Lets develop a socio-economic environment which nurtures and develops champions from all spheres of the society”

Aim : Counsels’ Cottage aims at laying the foundation in sports at sprout level and develop a nationwide pool of skilled resource that will cater to this economic paradigm shift in sports culture that is taking place currently in the country.


  1. To apply scientific approach in learning and provide technical support for athletes through coaching and training centre to nurture and groom talented sportspersons.
  2. To reach to as many children as possible, who are undergoing primary education and provide them environment in grooming them into a healthier teen who is ready to take on sports as career.
  3. To create huge pool of International sportsperson who can bring sporting glory to our country.
  4. To develop the skill set that will be required for their future career and make them ready for future competitive world.
  5. To encourage more and more parents/children to consider sports as a profession for their children and themselves.
  6. Create the future players for national and international sporting events like Olympics, IPL, PBL, IPTL, PKL, PWL, HIL, etc.


It is aiming at allowing majorities of children to grow with their natural talent alongside pursuing academic curriculum. This program is divided into two facets. The first facet involves initially work with toddlers from age group 4 to 10 year old children (i.e. class Nursery till class V). The second facet involves working with young kids from age group 11 to 16 years (i.e. class VI to X ) Few (but not all) of the key points that the program is touching are as following:

  1. Children should be physically active every day. Doing such activities grows self-esteem and social inclusion.
  2. Children should be involved in physical activities which includes both I. Light intensity activity – walking and playing board games II. More energetic physical activities like running, climbing, jumping
  3. Through schools, we directly try to interact with parents and help them plan how to keep toddles active throughout the day
  4. Active play has benefits beyond those of physical movement – it improves mental development and later school performance.
  5. For young toddlers, unstructured and imaginative play helps them explore and understand the world around them.
  6. All children when starts developing subconscious muscular memory for sports activity, it pushes them towards excelling in various sports.
  7. 12 hours sleep in every 24 hour promotes the growth and development of toddler. For young children minimum 8 hours of sleep per day is advised. With regular involvement in sports, children biological clock automatically demands for this sleep time, which helps their body growth.
  8. Promoting children to be involved in physical activities in turn make them less engaged with television and electronic gadgets.
  9. Outdoor sports help children to develop normal vision, otherwise children who prefer to stay indoor with gadgets are exposed to short eye sightedness (myopia) and are forced to use glasses.
  10. Regular health checkups and medical camps are an integral part of this program.
  11. Psychological monitoring of kids though out this program cycle.
  12. The program is based on “Train the Trainer” philosophy, where structured and periodic training sessions are organized for all trainer who are engaged into this program.