About Us

Counsels’ Cottage is a social initiative to support and uplift the under privileged by providing legal support and knowledge with a goal to build a community of socially driven legal luminaries in order to work collectively for the betterment of our people.


Registered under Madhya Pradesh society registration act 1860, Counsels’ Cottage is an association of enthusiastic litigators fostered by the values and guided by the principles incorporated by mankind with an objective to provide Pro-bono assistance, legal aid to the downtrodden citizens across India. It also pledges to initiate courses/campaigns to alleviate digital gap, encourage unity along with instilling ideas of communal harmony, and organizing nation-wide events to discover budding talent.


  • In line with human rights enshrined in the constitution, Assistance for the helpless, poor and weaker sections by providing legal advice as per need;
  • Promotion of public interest works for human security and protection through seminars, discussions and rally of legal, social, intellectual and educated sections of entire India;
  • Creating institutions for the development of human values for social consciousness and protection of the environment, providing space for legal aid;
  • To establish synergies with government/cooperative and social organizations for the prosperity and development of the country and run skill development schemes to provide employment oriented opportunities for the society;
  • To collaborate with National and International organizations for legal education, exchange of ideas for health and environmental protection, promote research and conservation, organize public awareness activities to preserve cultural heritage and bright traditions of culture;
  • To make people aware of diseases caused by alcohol, smoking and other intoxicants and to take measures for eradication and prevention of life-threatening diseases like and to create awareness for family welfare;
  • To support the establishment of an aware society by conducting awareness campaigns for the exploitation of women/child in the society;
  • Counselling and educating women, widows, abandoners and other women survivors in the society and providing them information, freeing them from exploitation and conducting awareness campaigns related to female foeticide, dowry, child marriage, divorce etc. and to introduce/organize youth conference.


Despite the elite ambitions to create a superstructure of enlightened democracy through the ideals of optimum justice, I believe in building sustainable shelters to protect against day-to-day violations of dignified human existence. One can “help” without a charity or serve without ranks, all that matters is to acknowledge humanness of every soul. Let us try everyday-succeed someday or fail some other but learning must not be lost. During the last two years of graduation at National Law University Odisha, I discovered that Power of legal centers is often underrated. To defend the rights (both fundamental or legal)  of people who cannot afford a lawyer with expertise is itself a platinum opportunity. There are specialists working in their local communities to uphold justice and advance equality, but to connect the client with an expert is an  absolute necessity. Youth should always be actuated to give it back to society in ways they can best deliver. Hence Counsels’ Cottage strives to create an umbrella for the legal fraternity nationwide to promote unity and observe a social change. Because when expertise meets intellectuality, it not only strengthens the fraternity but also upholds the principle of humanity.


Ph.D. Scholar (Constitutional Law)
LL.M.  BB.A. LL.B.  PGD (Labour Laws)