Digital Connect

What is Digital Connect?

Recognizing and maneuvering a variety of digital avenues, as well as assessing their viability as a communication medium, constitute digital literacy.

As a technology driven society, India is making strides. Nevertheless, the prevailing state of digital literacy in India evidently demonstrates that, it is not only necessary to enhance interconnection through the expansion of telecom industry, but it is also necessary to cultivate skillsets among the populace in order to fulfill the goal of “leaving no one behind” in the digital era.  The government is helping individuals with inadequate technical literacy learn the skills they need to interact in an era of the digital age through programmes like the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM).

About the Program

Counsels Cottage is pleased to announce/takes immense pride in announcing the launch of out flagship "Digital Connect Program" for marginalized women, which will alter lives in ways that were unimaginable just a few generations earlier. It will have a multiplying effect if these ladies educate their clan/community members.
  • Counsels Cottage strives to launch a nation-wide capacity building and personality development programme for females in order to empower them become financially independednt and employment-ready.
  • It will enable women to discover professional options for themselves while taking into account their intrinsic talents and limitations.
  • It seeks to raise awareness amongst women regarding safe internet and social media usage. It will raise women's knowledge of cybercrime and educate them of the means of services accessible to them for preempting and dealing with such crimes. Morever, the programme will ensure secularity, diversity and inclusivity amongst all individuals.


To educate the mothers of 100,000 (1 Lac) Govt. school students, lying below poverty line, in order to build capacity to seek employment in the digital age.


  • Basic Computers
  • Internet, The Cloud Services & World Wide Web.
  • Productive Program
  • Internet Security & Privacy
  • Digital Lifestyle

**Counsels Cottage will also conduct tests after completion of the course in order to determine the participants’ level of comprehension, and will subsequently issue certificates by Microsoft following the completion of the sessions.


Join Hands with us

In addition, with this training, Counsels Cottage aims that women would be able to break free from the confines of home chores and gender norms. As a result, it seeks to create a well-equipped Smart Bus for mobile education that will travel to regions where women are unable to reach them. Hence, we’ll require people’s support in order to put this noble cause into action.

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Counsels Cottage is currently working with Microsoft to organize courses on personal capacity building, professional career skills, computer literacy, and constructive social media use, inter alia in order to equip females for the world of work. Moreover, it is open for collaboration with other organizations as well.